Monthly Archives: June 2016

I can’t lose weight. I can’t do that. I can’t go there. I can’t do that thing. I can’t. It’s easy to say what you can’t do hey? Super easy in fact…as you are actually wired to ‘can’t’. You are wired to focus on what you cannot do.Yep it’s that […]

I Can’t

Okay so you may not have heard of Ekhart Tolle. But if you read or are into anything self-development wise you would have to be living under a rock. He is like the master of self-development and I am a big fan. Over the weekend (Saturday actually) I was messing […]

I knocked Eckhart Tolle from #1

I get it. You hear it all the time. You see your friends/family/people on social media doing it. But you don’t understand WHY you can’t. Can’t what? Does it matter? Its that THING. That thing that bothers you. That thing that has bothered you for years in fact. That thing […]


I’m totes ok with putting my hand up and saying I am far from perfect. Imperfectly perfect I call myself actually. This last week I didn’t do my usual daily rituals. *what are they? I’ll tell you at the end of the post* This last week I was out of […]

I forgot