Monthly Archives: October 2016

So I am sitting here thinking about how I could do a thousand things. There is always a thousand things to be done isn’t there? Always a list to follow. A list to make and a list to shove back into the drawer. There’s also another thousand things that I […]

I can’t

It doesn’t matter what I do. Its not enough. I push and push and yet I feel like I am getting no-where. In fact, its like I am going backwards. Hurtling backwards into an effin’ hole that I can’t see an end to. I am tired. I am over it. […]

Mum Guilt Can Suck Balls

Life is funny ol’ thing hey? You really don’t know when it will change in a moment. A snap of the fingers, a heart beat, a breath. It can change, just like that. Good and bad. The feeling of losing someone. Your life changes at that moment. The feeling of […]