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It’s the same thing. Over and over again. The same bloody pattern. The same mistakes. The same thoughts. When will I learn my lesson? When? I am so frustrated. Angry even. Over. It. All. When will I learn? Then. A voice inside says…”When you have actually learnt it…” Nooooo! What? […]

I can’t remember.

Your Story.
What if it wasn’t real? What if it wasn’t actually true? What if none of it was reality? What if all of those stories you tell yourself are made-up? Your crappy job. Your sh*tty relationship. Your money issues. The arguments with your family. Those friends that drain you. The body […]

Your story. Is it real?

I didn’t notice at first. In fact, it wasn’t even an issue in the early days. Okay, okay. People can say the wrong thing when they are angry or emotional. I get it. I have done the same in the past. I am far from perfect and have had an […]

It’s a no from me

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I am a terrible mum. Just awful. I don’t care. I care too much. I don’t provide enough. I provide too much. I don’t listen or watch. I listen and watch extremely. I don’t love enough. I love too tight. I am late. I am early… I am the worst […]

I am a bad mum.