I forgot.(2)
I have been putting something off. I have been procrastinating. And I mean REALLY procrastinating. Totally doing so many other things just to NOT do it. Totally focusing on other projects and pushing this one to the side. Constantly. This is an odd feeling, because as you may know – […]

I am not doing it

I forgot.
If you were to write a cheat-sheet about life, what would you say? Mine would go like this: * Love yourself * Love others * Be kind * Believe in yourself * Smile * Take risks * Fail often * Hang out in nature often * Read * Learn and […]

Cheat-Sheet for life

I forgot.
I forgot. Why do we keep doing the same sh*t over and over again? What’s that about? Seriously. I am cranky with myself yet again. I flippin’ FORGOT!! In no particular order… I forgot that I love to write. I forgot that I love to help. I forgot that I […]

Did you forget too?

I open my laptop. Choose my Spotify playlist and open a fresh page to write on. Then off I go. That’s how easy it has been to start writing, sharing and teaching. But not these last 4 weeks. I haven’t written a word or recorded a video in that time-frame. […]

It’s your journey

I used to be insecure. I used to worry and fret about what people thought about me, what I did, what I said and who I hung out with. I would worry and second guess myself. I would stress that something would ‘happen’ as a result of what I did […]

It’s easier

Waiting for the ‘right time’ really sh*ts me.   Phew, it feels great to have said that out loud.   I hear it all the time.   ‘I’ll do that when…’ ‘I’ll wait until…’ ‘Now is not the right time to…’ ‘When x, y and z are in place I […]

Fast Decisions

To care, you must suffer. To care, you must do ‘without’. To care, you must be left out. To care, to must put everyone else first. Leaving yourself to last. To care, you must be in pain. I need to stop writing this. It’s messed up and totally NOT what […]

You care

I know. I know. I knew that. Yep, I know. My friend, do you hear that coming from yourself or others around you often? I call it the ‘I know syndrome’. So many people will say “I knew about that” or “I know about that concept” or “I’ve worked with […]

You don’t know

I’m a bitch. If not putting up with crap means I am a bitch…then I am one. If sticking to my boundaries means I am a bitch…I’ll own that. If remaining steadfast to my beliefs means I am bitch…then yep, that’s me. If having enough self-confidence and self-esteem to stand […]

I am a bitch

What the bloody hell am I doing_
What the bloody hell am I doing? I know you have asked this question to yourself, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this sentence. So what the bloody hell ARE you doing? I can bet you a cool million bucks, that most of the time, you have no idea what you […]

What the bloody hell am I doing?