Fast Decisions

Waiting for the ‘right time’ really sh*ts me.
Phew, it feels great to have said that out loud.
I hear it all the time.
‘I’ll do that when…’
‘I’ll wait until…’
‘Now is not the right time to…’
‘When x, y and z are in place I will…’
Okay – so you get I am not talking about EVERY decision right? Some things do indeed have to be thought about with great care and detail – like Brain Surgeons. I’d hate for them to make fast decisions (Or maybe they do?). Anyhoo…I’ll go on, because I am sure you get me.
I have a belief that I will f*ck it up – often. I know this. How do I know this? Because I have messed up in the past. Because I have evidence to support my mistakes/bad judgement and realise that some of my decisions were way off.
I know all of this.
I also don’t live in regret.
I don’t live in ‘I should have done that…’ or ‘I wish that it didn’t happen…’ Yep – even my marriage. Because without that, I wouldn’t be who I am today nor have my beautiful daughter.
No regrets at all.
I also have a belief that I will succeed in most things – and I do. For the majority, I generally try something and either master it or mess it up. And that’s ok. I can’t do everything. I’ll leave singing, cleaning, sailing and maths to people who can do it. I know my strengths and focus on them – not my weaknesses.
Were any of my decisions rash? Perhaps. But I own all of it and more. I take responsibility for my errors and know that they are all lessons learnt well.
Why am I telling you all of this?
Because I want you to try sh*t. Do sh*t and be the best you can at whatever you want – because you weren’t scared to ‘give it a go’.
I know you are capable of amazing things, but you seem to have forgotten this. I know you can fail at stuff, and it’s still ok – the people around you will still love you.
There is no such thing as failure – only feedback.
Why not thrive on uncertainty? Why not modify the plan as you go? Use the results… ‘success leaves clues’.
Do what works and forget the rest. Focus on your strengths, and if need a hand – that’s ok too. Read about people who have already done that sh*t, learn how they did it – then just JFDI baby!
Today I want you to be decisive.
Today I want you to remember what you can achieve.
Today I want you to know that you will f*ck it up – and probably only you will notice.
Today I want you to realise that your mistakes were feedback.
Today I want you to to realise that you are truly an amazing individual who makes decisions fast.
Don’t wait.
Off you go.
Emma xx
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