I am a bitch

I’m a bitch.

If not putting up with crap means I am a bitch…then I am one.

If sticking to my boundaries means I am a bitch…I’ll own that.

If remaining steadfast to my beliefs means I am bitch…then yep, that’s me.

If having enough self-confidence and self-esteem to stand up for myself means I am a bitch, then I’ll agree I am one.

If refusing to be yelled at and take other peoples crap means I am a bitch…I’ll wear that badge proudly.

If walking away from toxic situations and people means I am a bitch…again, that’s what I will own up to.

If being open and loving means I am a bitch…then I’ll put my hand up to it.

If sticking to my word and staying true to my values means I am a bitch…then I proudly state ‘I am a bitch’.

If you are ok with this and more, share with someone who needs to hear it.

Emma xx

p.s The 5 day ‘mum guilt’ online course started tonight and it’s not too late to join us, send me a PM if you are keen to let go of the ‘guilts’.

p.p.s I am not a bitch.

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