It’s easier

I used to be insecure.

I used to worry and fret about what people thought about me, what I did, what I said and who I hung out with.

I would worry and second guess myself.

I would stress that something would ‘happen’ as a result of what I did or didn’t do.

I was a ‘worrier’. In fact I remember someone telling me as a kid that I was a ‘worrier’ because worrying made you care more. So I worried more about people.

Did that help me? Perhaps for a while – because I guess it’s easier to worry about others than about yourself hey?

It’s easier to focus on other people’s business than your own.
It’s easier to zero in on others people’s faults, rather than on your own.
It’s easier to judge others, rather than to take a look at yourself.
It’s easier to project your thoughts onto the people around you, rather than look inside yourself for the truth.

And the truth?

The truth is that you are more than this. You are more than these thoughts and actions. You are the truth.

You are never going to be in total control of others reactions.
You are never going to be in total control of others thoughts.
You are never going to be in total control of others actions.

You can only look within. You can only own your own ‘sh*t’. You can only work with that, and move forward.

You are allowed to forgive yourself, and others.
You are allowed to ‘notice’ and breathe with that ‘noticing’ of others peoples actions.

If you are looking for permission, then this is it.

Own your sh*t, notice it, forgive, breathe and move on.

Emma x

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