Your Art.

Bloody hell.
I just wrote 700 words.
Then deleted it all.
Why? It just didn’t serve me or anyone by writing about it. It was just piffle. I’ll admit that it was a tad hard to press delete as I consider my writing to be a work of art…yes you can laugh away. But your art is whatever your art is hey? So, it did feel like I painted over the canvas to start again.
Do you have your ‘art’? Is there something that you do, that even if you weren’t getting paid…you would do?
Purely for the love of it?
I have a belief that if you don’t have your art – your soul is a little empty. I also believe that without your art – or the search for your art…you can swim aimlessly around the fishbowl of life. And quite frankly, who wants that?
I will guess that you don’t if you are still reading this. 😉
To add to this, I believe that your art should be shared at some level. To perhaps to serve others. For example, my writing creates books and blogs. These books and blogs get read and shared by others, and so far I’ve only had one hater (sucks to be them) so…I can only assume I am doing well and am on the right track. Ok – the Amazon and iBook payments into my bank account help me see this.
Not bad for someone who wasn’t particularly great at English at school hey?
Do you have your version of your ‘art’ in your life? It could be anything…music, family, the creation of something, speaking, writing, design, movement, photography, nature, excel spreadsheets…anything!
BUT! Do you have it? Do you share it? I am not saying that you HAVE to…I am simply curious.
Do you immerse yourself in it regularly?
Do you learn more about it often?
Do you allow yourself space for it in your life?
Have you even considered what you do, your art?
So many questions Emma! I know. I know. My aim is to get you think today.
(Plus, I have had my coffee and it’s not even 6 am!)
What if, just for today…you pondered on this?
What if, you awoke from your sleep tomorrow and just felt something ‘burning’ inside of you…perhaps even just a flicker?
What if, you listened to this internal feeling and allowed it to expand?
What could happen?
What if?
See ya
Emma xx

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