You gotta have faith

Full of good intentions.
Yep, I’ll do that.
Yep, I’ll get around to going there.
Yeh, yeh, I will eventually see that person.
Sure, I’ll be the type of person who does that.
But first?
Pushing ideas and dreams to the side. Popping that idea on the shelf for the time being…even if that shelf is weighed down already.
It’s just for now though, right?
I know that’s what you tell yourself. It’s just until…*insert excuse here.
Alright, I get it. You have no time? No money? No support? No way to just…start?
Right, so no clarity around it. You are not clear on what you want. I’m guessing that you are clear on what you ‘don’t want’ though?
I’ll give you an example to help you out here…
I don’t want to fail.
Whoops! That example won’t work at all! Why? Because you will fail. So much. If you don’t fail – how can you possibly learn?
Okay, I’ll try again.
I don’t want to be too successful at that thing/opportunity/endeavor. Because the people around me will think I am a bit up myself for doing that.
Sh*t that example didn’t work either…! So you are going to play ‘small’ because you think people ‘might’ have an opinion of you? Nice one. What if they loved and supported you, no matter what? What if you were playing this card as a lovely excuse not to do that thing/go to that place/be that person/create a change/create a dream.
What if?
What if indeed.
Right now, I am working on a project that I dreamt (literally) 3 years ago. I’ve put the idea aside, knowing that it could potentially change the trajectory of my life forever. And I mean really change it. I’ve put the idea aside as I didn’t know where to start (no-one I know has ever attempted it).
I put it off as all I could focus on…was the hurdles I had to cross. I put it off as it was wasn’t the right ‘time’.
I put it to the side, because I believed that such an idea couldn’t possibly work. It was ‘too’ big. It was ‘too’ audacious. In fact, it’s not even in my field of expertise! Not even close!
But it was niggling at me. Actually, it was the challenge that started me on the project. Knowing that I could potentially fail. I’m thinking there could be a ‘sick’ part of me that just wants to see how far I can take it. How much can I fail in one project? So, far…no fails. But I am aiming for some!
As for the people around me…am I concerned that won’t support me? No, the right people will. And besides, people have already told me that it’s too hard, too big and it’s near impossible to achieve.
It’s this kind of stuff that is pushing me. No – it’s not ‘I’ll show them…’ It’s me having faith in what I am doing. So much faith.
I won’t budge, until I have tried everything to ensure this is a success. Oh, she is being stubborn. Maybe? I care-less about that. I know that at some level, this will work. I know that the right support will happen, when it should. I know that what I need will come to me, when I need it.
As for the right time? There never is a ‘right time’. So you just have to start. Today.
The keys to anything like this is clarity, faith and just deciding to do it! Today!
So, get clear on what you want.
Have faith in you.
Start today.
Stop asking HOW. Start with what I told you above. Take action.
Off you go.
Emma x
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